Scottish Green Belts Alliance

SGBA comments on the final SPP 21

The new SPP 21 is to be welcomed in that it recognises the value of Green Belts and it aims to strengthen and enhance the role of Green Belts. Green Belts have proved their worth for more than half a century. They help to prevent unnecessary urban sprawl, assist in reviving town centres and provide opportunities for improving the countryside and access to it.

Other government policy rightly stresses the need to focus on in-town development in order to regenerate degraded urban areas. Green Belts help to ensure that intention by limiting outward sprawl.

There remains some ambiguity in the SPP about housing growth. Alternatives to salami-slicing Green Belts at town fringes deserve more attention. Also, there may be insufficient discussion of the differences between the roles of Green Belts in areas of falling population contrasted to those of growing population. These omissions may cause difficulties in practice.

The Scottish Green Belts Alliance will study the new SPP in detail and will make its considered assessment public.

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